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The facility is located in a quiet villa area and the facility is kept clean.



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テラス 食事_edited_edited.jpg

Facilities: Guest rooms 5 Western-style rooms 8-12.5 tatami mats Japanese-style room 16 tatami mats with unit bath and toilet
In-room private refrigerator with safe

Kids space 1 room Entertainment room 1 room Dining room 20.5 tatami mats Kitchen

70-inch large screen monitor Watch videos on Amazon Fire TV (you tube, Amazon prime video, Disney+, karaoke DAM, etc.)
Blue-ray/DVD  Alexa

Dining: There is a refrigerator, two children's chairs, and a darts stand.

All bedding is washed and kept clean (not ironed)
Feel free to use

In the kitchen: Refrigerator freezer Microwave Hot plate IH stove (1 two-burner stove, 1 single-burner stove) Rice cooker (8 go, 3, 5 go) Cooking utensils such as frying pans and knives

​Seasoning Please procure your own ingredients

The guest room on the 2nd floor cannot use the bath for temporary use.

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