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Access: 🚙 Car / About 30 minutes from Meishin Kyoto Higashi IC on Kosai Bypass (R161) Immediately after Hira Exit
🚃 15 minutes walk from JR Kosei Line Omi-Maiko Station

road information: Road camera near the exit of Hira, 100m from the site
(It may snow in winter around the facility. Please check the road surface information.)

Surrounding facilities

★ Convenience store

Seven-Eleven Omi-Maiko store 1.4km, 3 minutes by car

★Supermarket: Heiwado Wani store🕊

3-story supermarket

(food, 100-yen shop, etc.) 9.5km 15 minutes by car

★ Cafe Roz & Mary

​Relaxing stylish cafe: Homemade curry, pasta with home-grown herbs, and chiffon cake are popular♪ 50m 1 minute walk

★ Pieri Moriyama

One of the largest shopping malls in Shiga Prefecture, specialty shops Food court Day trip hot spring "Suishun"

18km 25 minutes by car

Roadside Station Imoko no Sato

Convenience store Restaurant Product sales office

10km 10 minutes by car

Lake Station Biwako Ohashi Yone no Sato

You can see the superb view along the lake

♨Hot Springs♨

Natural Hot Spring Hiratopia: (Open-air bath, food, shop, vending machine, mallet golf): 2103 minutes on foot

★Tourist facilities

Small Sports Square Sasanami: (tennis court, children's pool, golf driving range) : 1km, 2 minutes by car

Omi Maiko Swimming Pool4.5km, 6 minutes by car

Hinode kiln: Miraculous pottery A pottery studio that produces Ryusou Kairagi.

250 years oldAt a registered tangible cultural property "Reed-roofed old folk house", Shiga's special lunch, potter's wheel experience, ultimate freshly roasted hojicha experience, etc.)

: 5km, 8 minutes by car

Hira Genki Village 5.4km 10 minutes by car

Biwako Terrace/Biwako Valley 9.7km 15 minutes by car

Lake Biwa Children's Country 17.8km 20 minutes by car

Omi Maiko Strawberry Farm


Biwako​​Hakodateyama Kochia Park30km, 1 hour by car, 680m above sea level Kansai's largest resort park

★ Affiliated facilities

reel flan

A stylish cafe with jazz and coffee located across the street

This is a facility where breakfast is served for guests staying at this facility (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, up to 13 people, please contact us in advance)

R Cafe 

Leisure dining facility Hawaiian cafe along the Biwako beach

Free admission to the lakeside if you bring your accommodation card

 Omi Maiko Swimming Pool

It has been known as a place of scenic beauty since ancient times, and its approximately 4 km long white sandy beach and green pine forest are beautiful, and it has been taken up as one of the eight scenic views of Lake Biwa as "cool breeze, white beach of Omatsuzaki."
In the summer, people enjoy windsurfing and swimming, making it the busiest resort area on Lake Biwa.
Immediately from Omi-Maiko Station


●Period: July 1st to August 31st

​5 minutes by car

Hira Mountains
Shiga PrefectureofBiwa lakeA mountain range on the west coast.highest peakteethBunagatake(Take Bunaga, 1,214.4 m). for the most partBiwako Quasi-National Parkbelongs to and since ancient timesEight Views of OmiOne of the scenic spots known as "Hira no Evenesuki".KeihanshinGood transportation fromclimbingorskimany people visit
​ 5-minute walk to Hira Tozanguchi (Inn Taniguchi)

​ Related information:YAMAP


 Biwako Valley/Biwako Terrace
About 5 minutes by ropeway from the foot of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, which offers a panoramic view of Lake Biwa, there is the Biwako Terrace, which is visited by people from all over the world, activities that can be enjoyed by adults and children, and a plateau area where you can enjoy nature overlooking Lake Biwa below.
In winter, as a full-fledged ski resort in the suburbs of the city, it becomes a diverse field that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. The unique climate created by the large temperature difference can also create a divine sea of clouds.

​About 10 minutes by car


 Hira and Pia

After an exhausting hike on Mt. Hira, or after enjoying a summer swim,
A day-trip hot spring facility where you can relax in a hot spring after snowboarding or skiing.
There is also mallet golf that both children and adults can enjoy.
A local specialty market is held every Saturday and Sunday.

At the food court in the hotel, Ayu soba, a specialty dish unique to Lake Biwa, is popular.

There is also a free shuttle wagon that connects JR Hira Station and Hira and Pia.

​ 3 minutes on foot

 Hiragenki Village


It is a facility where you can learn, play, experience and be impressed in nature while looking at the magnificent scenery overlooking Lake Biwa.

Astronomical Observation Climbing Facility
You can also enjoy the beauty of nature at the nearby Yobai Falls, which has the highest drop in the prefecture.

​About 10 minutes by car

 Shirahige Shrine

Omi's oldest shrine, said to have a history of 2000 years.

There is a vermilion-lacquered large torii in the lake, and it is also called Omi's Itsukushima.

​ 15 minutes by car

 Metasequoia Namiki


A row of 500 Metasequoia trees that stretches for 2.4 km and has been selected as one of the New 100 Views of Roadside Trees in Japan.

​It shows a different expression in each season

​30 minutes by car



 Lake Biwa Children's Country

25 minutes by car

Biwako Kodomo no Kuni is a large park on the shores of Lake Biwa with a lawn square, a large playground equipment with a total length of 40m, athletic playground equipment that stimulates children's creativity, an adventure waterway, a campground, and a rainbow house. We hold regular events such as hands-on experience, climbing experience where you can challenge the 9m high climbing wall, cooking open space, parent-child gymnastics class, etc.

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